Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WAR sign number 5

Name: Funtown/ Giga Media
Main: n/a
Server: n/a
WAR-ness: 3
Signage: 5 golden stars
Comment: The peeps in China know how to get their WAR on. This huge war billboard was spotted in down town Taipei. Stretching the entire side of a building, signs don't get much bigger than this! Apparently the slogan says “The forces of destruction has reached the city walls. Can you defend Taipei?” Nice to know that China plays Order...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Hickman rocks the show

Here's another stray pic from the Comicon show floor:

Name: The Hickman
Main: Wii_shelf_unter*
Server: Any one he damn well wants!
WAR-ness: 4
Signage: 2
Comment: The Hickman shows the world his WAR face with this show floor photo from NYCC 09. This is one executive producer who is ready to smash in heads and rock out tunes.

*whilst spiritually correct, is not actually his character's name

Friday, February 13, 2009

New York Comicon left overs

Whilst scrabbling around in the Signs of War hard drive, we discovered some stray pics that didn't make it into our fine video.

So, in the spirit of DvD extras, we'll be posting these beauties over the next couple of days

First up is the man behind the Tomb Kings Dungeon

Name: Gabe Amatangelo
Main: ?
Server: Probably something Tomb King-y
WAR-ness: 3
Signage: 2
Mythic Dev Gabe channels the spirit of WAR at New York Comicon. Points for the plastic Warhammer and multiple logoness. Check out the positioning on the speech bubble too. That's the kind of attention to detail that you want to see in a designer...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New York Comicon 2009 Signageddon!

Well, its been quiet the last few days at Signs of War- but thats because we're been cutting and sticking a pose-tastic youtube video of our exploits at New York Comicon.

Yes, we were there, seeing the sights, breathing the sweaty fug and snapping WAR signs like ther was no tomorrow.

Check out the war faces on the Ten Ton Hammer folks- there's some lads you never want to rumble with.

WAR-ness: 4
Signage: 2

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Box Pose Number 2

Name: Bruce Maclean
Main: Bhuzalot*
Server: ?
WARness: 2
Signage: 2
Comment: 'Killer' Maclean displays his war love with the classic thumbs up and slightly manic thousand yard stare. When he's not mythic dev-ing, Bruce is a keep siege maestro. You'll know if you're fighting him, he's the laughing dwarf with a gun.

2 WAR points for 'the look' and thumb wrangling. The sneaky peek of the Dwarf poster earns a Signage of 2. Watch out people- Bruce is loose and he's gunning for destruction...

*Not actually his main character's name.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

WAR-toshop number 1

Name: Brian Traugott (featuring Paul Barnett and Kate Flack)
Main: fatsacks*
Server: Badlands
WARness: 3
Comment: Terrain Artist Brian Traugott brings us our first WAR-toshop image. A loving reconfiguration of keg end using subtle photoshop wizardry, the Traugott has painstakingly spliced actual people onto WAR player characters. I know, if I hadn't said that, you wouldn't have guessed.

This visual perfection does not come cheap however- it took Brian over three minutes to achieve this scarily life-like rendition. Two points for the screenshot, spliced with the surefire score boost of the Barnett fizzog gives us a WARness of three. That lonely old logo in the top corner gives a signage of 1- all in all its begging for a caption. Perhaps our readers can oblige us?

*not technically his main character's name. But its close.

WAR sign number 4

Name: Matt Wotring
Main: Snowboy*
Server: ?
WARness: 3
Signage: 2
Comment: You may remember Matt from such fabulous WAR signs as this one:

The infamous 'WAR is coming' picture taken in 2007 just outside the Mythic offices in Virginia. When he heard about Signs of War Matt immediately decided to send us a snow update. Sadly, he tells us, the weather in Fairfax has not been as generous with the white stuff this year. Matt gets a WARness of 2 for the idea, boosted to 3 for the superior horn throwing/rawk face skills exhibited. It's all about the heavy metal people! And he's actually lying in the snow to take the shot- there's the sort of dedication you want from your Mythic Devs. We salute you Sir, and we're ready to take the Woah Train to WARville.

*name changed to protect the innocent. And Matt.

Monday, February 2, 2009

WAR sign number 3

Name: Matt Conway
Main: ?
WARness: 1
Signage: 2
Comment: Despite clearly borrowing his sign from the Derrique, sound guy Conway has gone for some inventive posing here using a collector's edition Grumlock and Gazbag. Not so much a War face as a friendly 'I'm the voice of the Dark Sprite' type expression- but hey, when you've made as many animal grunts as this man, you've got nothing to prove to anyone on the aggression front.

War sign number 2

Main: n/a
Server: All of them
WARness: 1
Signage: 5
Comment: To celebrate blog launch day, here's the Mythic team launch photo. Top marks on herding the devs. If only we could see their WAR faces. Check out the one lone chap just above the 'R'. He's the (tm)

WAR sign number 1

Name: Brad Derrick
Main: ?
Server: ?
WARness: 3
Signage: 1
Comment: The first pic to fall into our WAR signs category comes from Mythic music Impresario Brad Derrick. It's his lilting tunes you can hear every time you log in. Check out his podcast for more on that. Rather primitive signage from the Derique here, but look at the motion blur and the passion on his face- it's a WAR-gasm in jpeg format.

Box Pose Number 1

Name: Paul Barnett
Server: ?
WARness: 3
Signage: 2
Comment: Let's get this blog off to a start with a familiar face. Mr Barnett has combined a classic Sears Catalog pose with a (suitably off the wall) jaunty angled display of his collector's edition. It's big and shiny. And so is the box.