Tuesday, February 3, 2009

WAR-toshop number 1

Name: Brian Traugott (featuring Paul Barnett and Kate Flack)
Main: fatsacks*
Server: Badlands
WARness: 3
Comment: Terrain Artist Brian Traugott brings us our first WAR-toshop image. A loving reconfiguration of keg end using subtle photoshop wizardry, the Traugott has painstakingly spliced actual people onto WAR player characters. I know, if I hadn't said that, you wouldn't have guessed.

This visual perfection does not come cheap however- it took Brian over three minutes to achieve this scarily life-like rendition. Two points for the screenshot, spliced with the surefire score boost of the Barnett fizzog gives us a WARness of three. That lonely old logo in the top corner gives a signage of 1- all in all its begging for a caption. Perhaps our readers can oblige us?

*not technically his main character's name. But its close.

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