Tuesday, February 3, 2009

WAR sign number 4

Name: Matt Wotring
Main: Snowboy*
Server: ?
WARness: 3
Signage: 2
Comment: You may remember Matt from such fabulous WAR signs as this one:

The infamous 'WAR is coming' picture taken in 2007 just outside the Mythic offices in Virginia. When he heard about Signs of War Matt immediately decided to send us a snow update. Sadly, he tells us, the weather in Fairfax has not been as generous with the white stuff this year. Matt gets a WARness of 2 for the idea, boosted to 3 for the superior horn throwing/rawk face skills exhibited. It's all about the heavy metal people! And he's actually lying in the snow to take the shot- there's the sort of dedication you want from your Mythic Devs. We salute you Sir, and we're ready to take the Woah Train to WARville.

*name changed to protect the innocent. And Matt.

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